Salzgitter Mannesmann Röhrenwerke

Corporate Health Management (CHM)

Health promotion is a high priority in the Business Unit Energy. A health-conscious approach makes a big contribution to the success of our companies and forms part of the Salzgitter Group's Generations Offensive 2025. The objective is to promote the health of all our employees so they can maintain their efficiency and working capacity in the long term.

Enjoying the same status as ergonomics and occupational health and safety, the following fields of work within our corporate health management include raising health literacy among our employees, health-oriented management and job engineering, and improving efficiency and employability.

In the PDF Occupational Health Guidelines of the Salzgitter AG Business Unit Energy *), the companies lay down the following:

  • The companies create an adequate framework for the continuous improvement of efficiency and employability of our employees and aim to maintain their health.
  • We expect our management to see health promotion as part of their managerial functions vis-à-vis each individual employee. With their own health behaviour, they should serve as models for their employees, and they should seek dialogue with them in matters related to health.
  • We expect our employees to see health as an indispensable prerequisite for their productivity and efficiency and that they take responsibility for their own health.
*) The companies of Salzgitter AG's Business Unit Energy have taken over the commitments entered into by the companies of the former Tubes Division.