Salzgitter Mannesmann Röhrenwerke

Further training

Our company’s competitiveness depends on the creativity, commitment and skills of our employees. Nurturing these abilities therefore enjoys high priority in the Business Unit Energy. With systematic and targeted personnel development, we not only exploit our company’s potential for growth, but also create development opportunities and prospects for our employees.

The Salzgitter Basic Programme is directed at our new technical college and university graduates and young professionals. The Basic Programme systematically develops interdisciplinary skills and, for instance, includes seminars on public speaking, team-working, project management and presentation techniques. The programme is rounded off with practical seminars on such subjects as industrial law, business economics and health management.

Following on from the Salzgitter Basic Programme, Salzgitter AG offers management staff and skilled employees the chance to attend the Salzgitter Management College and the Salzgitter Expert College respectively. This is where knowledge of such subjects as management, communication, project management and strategy is deepened.

In addition, we also encourage the exchange of experience and networking throughout the Group with the Salzgitter Erfa Circle. This is a further platform for employee-to-employee advice on different subjects each year, for refreshing existing skills and for an exchange of views with a member of the Management Board.

Along with the annual series of programmes, we develop your skills on the basis of your personal needs. These are identified at the regular employee assessment meeting with your superior. With the aid of employee assessment, you are given expert feedback on your performance and can exchange views on your career prospects.